Our Animals


Latest arrivals

This winter our Badger Face sheep have lambed very early. For the first time we had lambs in December. Our Pygmy Goats have also kidded early – the Small Animal barn is bursting with little bodies!

Dixie arrived in the Autumn. She is a Irish Draft horse who is being taught how to behave by Beulah, a quick glare from Beulah soon stops Dixie in her tracks.

Alongside our rabbits at the front of the farmhouse we now have Little Owls, the smallest owls at Rays Farm

When you arrive at Rays Farm, you will see Rufus, our magnificent Red Deer stag and his herd. Further along the paddocks are our rare breed, Badger Face Sheep, Miniature Shetland Ponies, Llama and Alpacas.

Alongside our field of friendly goats, live the chickens and George, our Bronze Turkey stag. Daphne and Sophie the Micro pigs, thoroughly enjoy their muddy wallow which they enlarge every year!

At the top of the paddocks, Frosty, Mistletoe and Holly, love to stroll over today ‘Hi’. And don’t forget to wander through the goat field, with more than 30 goats to pet and stroke.

Rays Farm is home to a collection of over 25 owls; we have Snowy, Ashy-Faced, Great Grey, European Eagle, Bengal, Tawny, Brown Wood and Barn Owls.

In our Small Animal Barn, you will meet Simba, the Lion Head Rabbit as well as Guinea Pigs. Amongst our free range chickens and chicks live our latest goat kids.

Pollyanna and Lucy, the Donkeys can be found on the farmyard, near where Henry, the peacock, waits at the kitchen for his morning snack.

On the Lawn our free-range rabbits live next to the ducks and the geese on the pond. In the Spring, our bunnies dig deep burrows – watch as they disappear beneath the ground!

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